During the Coronavirus crisis, seamless communication with your patients and their families is more important than ever. Impaired hearing and related health issues isolate patients as it is. Treating their hearing issues and connecting them with resources to cope with this crisis will help alleviate anxiety. Even when in-person consultation is not an option.

  1. Keep your patients informed. Make sure they're aware of any changes in your day-to-day operations, how to contact you, modified office hours, etc.
  2. Reassure your patients. Let patients and their families know about all of the precautions you're taking to help reduce the virus spread. Include any additional cleaning measures or staffing adjustments, and reassure them that you're safe to do business with. Customize a flyer for your office.
  3. Incorporate video consultations when feasible and to reach patients in facilities where travel or visits are currently restricted. Confirm current reimbursement policies at health carriers. NJHCQI Guide to Telehealth. There are many tools available. Here are offerings from Zoom.
  4. Distance socializing. Run 20 minute video programs on interesting/fun topics/home exercises to provide an outlet for patients to socialize and learn in a safe setting. Record for on-demand viewing. 
  5. Post website messaging customized for your office: We are closely monitoring events with COVID-19 and have taken all safety precautions to ensure the health of our clients. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx if you have any questions or to schedule a virtual consultation. Here is a link to resources for you and your family...
  6. Remind customers that you offer gift cards, or run a promo or special offer on gift cards for batteries or accessories. This will help bring in revenue now, and help to bring traffic through the door in the future when the pandemic concerns calm down.
  7. Use social to mitigate business disruption. More people will be staying at home, so your social media channels provide a captive audience opportunity. Use Social Posting and Scheduling to keep followers engaged.
  8. Think about how your office can do something positive on a local level. Organize a small project with your employees to help the cause, and something that will help your customers. Have your employees help distribute the message about what you're all doing. For example, express appreciation for local restaurants providing curb side / delivery of favorite meals, organize a drive to collect personal protection equipment (PPEs) for local hospital and first responders

Resources to address the Coronavirus