Robert P. Ahrens Memorial Fund

NJAHHP wishes to acknowledge the tireless commitment and work that both Bob and Nancy Ahrens gave in the interest of improving the knowledge and understanding to all those that fit hearing instruments and to the hearing impaired consumers. These efforts in the form of continuing education are one of our Associations most important goals.

The Ahrens Memorial Fund was created for the purpose of awarding scholarships and hearing instruments to worthy children within the State of New Jersey who might otherwise go without were it not for the generosity of the Ahrens Fund. Information on all three awards (pdf)

Donor cards are a great way to support the effort. These cards can be personalized to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, etc., or to send condolences to the families of your clients who have passed away. Donor cards are $25 for 10 cards, benefiting the Ahrens Fund and the Ben Aidekman Scholarship Fund. Contact Susan Philpot at the email or address below to purchase donor cards.

NJAHHP members who know of a child who meets the guidelines for help in acquiring hearing aids or is applying for a scholarship should contact Susan Philpot c/o The Robert Ahrens Memorial Fund PO Box 187 Clarksburg, NJ 08510 or at Members are also invited to share the application information with eligible families.

Fund Trustees

Sue Philpot,  
Cathi Ahrens Berke,
Carol Brady,