dennis-vanvliet-liDennis VanVliet, AuD will be presenting the Leitman Memorial Lecture, "Otoplastics - Update 2015" during our Conference on April 24th.  

Dr. VanVliet, an audiologist since 1976, has provided clinical services in medical, educational and private practice settings.   His professional interests have focused on hearing aids, and his opinions are frequently solicited in US and international publications and lectures. Van Vliet earned a B.S. from the University of California, Irvine, his master’s in Speech Communication from California State University and an Au.D. from Central Michigan University.  His opinions are expressed monthly in the “Final Word” feature of the Hearing Review.  Dr. Van Vliet is Senior Director of Professional Relations for Starkey Hearing Technologies.

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The following is an excerpt from Conference Speaker Dennis VanVliet's column published in The Hearing Review

The Final Word: Standards of Care for the Middle of the Bell Curve…and for Identifying the Outliers
Published on February 18, 2015

Final Word | March 2015 Hearing Review
By Dennis VanVliet, AuD

Not long ago at a training seminar, I happened to sit down with a young man who had only a few months of experience with hearing aids, and he was looking forward to taking a state exam in hopes of becoming licensed to work in a dispensing practice. He asked me how long I had been working in the profession. I explained that I am working on my 40th year. He paused, and stated: “You must have learned a lot in that time.” I thought about that for a minute, and replied that I had seen a lot for sure, but that the learning piece was ongoing with every patient.

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