NJAHHP is delighted to welcome award-winning motivational speaker Dr. Paul Wichansky to the stage during our Conference on Friday, December 4th! His keynote address is titled Access to Success: Seizing Opportunities in a New Aural World.


Cerebral palsy and a hearing loss have never stopped Dr. Paul Wichansky from realizing his goals and dreams. An example of triumph over adversity, “Dr. Paul,” as he is known to his friends and colleagues, shares those experiences that have enabled him to achieve personal, professional, and academic milestones. Dr. Paul got his first pair of hearing aids at age 6 years to accommodate a steady progressive worsening of his natural hearing. The loss progressed through public school and university life. Realizing that his hearing loss was taking too much of his personal life away from him, he opted for the cochlear implant for his left ear. Entering this exciting new world of hearing has been one of the best decisions Dr. Paul has ever made.

Dr. Paul has earned his Ph.D in meteorology and environmental science from Rutgers University. A champion motivational speaker who hosts engaging programs to children and adults that inspire confidence, growth, and opportunity, Dr. Paul has also been speaking to parents, educators, and other professionals for the past 40 years nationwide. His virtual keynote includes a captivating documentary video that shows a remarkable journey of achievement despite the cerebral palsy and hearing loss. There will be an interactive Q&A with the audience, sharing the triumph of the human spirit.

Learn more at Dr. Paul's website: www.justthewayyouare.com

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