Special Child Health Services


The goal of Special Child Health Services is to plan, develop, and insure implementation of a statewide integrated system of services which address the needs of all handicapped children.
Program will provide assistance to families with children who have or are suspected of having a communication disorder by:
Identifying quality services available throughout the state,
Providing speech and hearing evaluation through approved evaluation centers,
Providing financial assistance to those families who have no resource for paying for special therapy,
Providing financial assistance to those families who do not have the funds or resources to purchase hearing aids.


Special Child Health Services assists in paying, for restorative services for children with physical handicaps. It pays for evaluation, examinations, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, braces, appliances, and certain other items, for handicapped persons under 21 years of age whose families are unable to pay the entire cost themselves. Other resources such as private health insurance, Medicaid and other governmental agencies must be utilized prior to the use of SCHS funds. Families may be required to participate in the cost of care.
Evaluation and treatment services are provided only at a limited number of centers authorized to provide services of SCHS. A certified audiologist must request requests for hearing aids.
Special Child Health Services funds used to pay for approved services are used in conjunction with funds from the families of patients, insurance programs, fraternal organizations, and County Board of Freeholders.